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The Elusive Berserks

Date: 30th Dec 2354
Time: 13:30
Place: Stovorb Nebula

Quake: Ok troop. We just have to push on a little bit more. Let’s get our beast mode on.

Flex: If you say so captain. I am pretty low on ammo. I'll cover Earl while he places the explosives on the south wall.

Quake: Sounds like a good idea.

Brute: Trying to weasel out again, Flex?

Quake: Stop picking on the noob, Brute. You ready Eral?

Earl: For the thousandth time, it's Earl. Not Eral.

Quake: Concentrate more on the task at hand and not on a silly typo.

Earl: I am heading out. Cover me flex.

Flex: typing

Quake: Flex, Earl is taking heavy fire.

Brute: I'll cover him. Earl, drop the package and get outta there.

Earl: That was close. Denoting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Boom.

Flex: Hey guys. Sorry the internet is really giving me a hard time.

Quake: Not the right time for apologies. Right now we have to capture this outpost.

Brute: Take notes, noob. Leeeeeerrrrroyyyy Jenkkkkiiinnnnsssss...!!!!

Earl: Is that still doing the rounds? Flex never use that cry with us.

Flex: Noted.

Brute: All dead. That battle cry is my lucky charm. We are clear.

Flex: That was easy.

Quake: Listen up Flex, tomorrow we will need you to be with us a hundred per cent. We defend this outpost tomorrow and we head straight to the number one ranking. Ask your neighbour for his Wi-Fi password if required. Just don’t let bad internet be the reason for our downfall.

Brute: Should we substitute him with Kron just for tomorrow?

Flex: I'll work out my connectivity issues.

Earl: Let’s call it a day guys. Team Elusive Berserks, we were almost untouchable today. IDK you guys in real life, but if i ever get caught in a battle. I would want you guys to be there for me.

Quake: Wow. That was a bit too much Earl. TTYL guys.

Date: 31st Dec 2354
Time: 13:48
Place: Stovorb Nebula

Quake: The strike team is heading from the east wall. Brute take them out.

Flex: I'm going too.

Quake: No Flex, you head to the main gate. If they breach the gate, hold them off for as long as you can.

Earl: Refill your ammo from the ammunition bunker.

Flex: Got it.

Brute: This is a piece of cake. At least give me some competition.

Quake: Looks like we have this one in the bag.

Earl: Guys, the outpost is breached. Flex hold them till Brute and I arrive.

Flex: typing

Quake: Hurry guys. I doubt he will be able to hold the enemies off by himself.

Brute: I'm here. He's just standing there. His network must be down. I'd be damned if we lose the outpost like this.

Earl: TISNF. So close yet so far.

Flex: typing

Brute: It’s all over. I told you Quake. I told you, we should've replaced the noob with a veteran.

Quake: Flex. You've really let us down. This was our best chance to be crowned the victors.

Flex: typing

Date: 1st Jan 2354
Time: 10:48
Place: Sliego Sector

Earl: Guys. Before we start, I have something to tell you.

Brute: There he goes again.

Earl: It's not that. I read in the newspaper, that there was a burglary in The Bronx yesterday. The culprits snuck into the house and clubbed a kid to knock him out; inadvertently killing him. They got away with some money and jewels. At the time of the robbery, the kid was playing "The Battlefront Siege". Guys, I think the kid was Flex.


* TISNF - That/This is so not fair

(This entry is inspired by a real event that took place in Arizona a couple of years ago)

The Man From The Garden Of Eden

Adam: Where am I? Who am I? What am I?

God: Hey there.

Adam: What the... ! Who said that? Where are you?

God: Sorry about that. Didn't want to scare the Bejeezus out of you.

Adam: Scare the what out of me now? And why can't I see You?

God: That explanation will have to wait. Let Me introduce Myself to you. I am the Almighty One, but you can call me God. I am up in heaven, from where I watch all my creations.

Adam: How about first introducing me to myself.

God: Sorry, totally forgot this is your first day. You are Adam. I have created you in My own reflection. I breathed into your nose My breath of life and you became a living soul. You will rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.

Adam: Seriously? That is such a huge responsibility. I lack social skills let alone governing capabilities. Is there an intern level entry into this?

God: You are the only one. I have put intelligence, perception, shrewdness and insight in you, among other things. I will be relocating you to the Garden of Eden. Don't worry. It will all be fine.

Adam: What exactly will I do there? This place seems fine. It’s not too hot, nor too cold. I already feel at home.

God: Stop being a baby. Just have a look at the place and give it a thought. It is by far My best work to date.

Adam: I was just born now...! How can I stop being a baby?

God: I am surprised you know what a baby is. Maybe I put a little too much foresightedness in you. Either way, you are relocating.

Adam: Fine. What am I supposed to do there?

God: You are to tend and care for all things in the Garden of Eden. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. If you feel hungry, there are plenty of fruit trees that you can eat from. There Is but one tree you must not eat from.

Adam: Why? What's so special in that tree? What will happen if I eat from it?

God: You will not eat from it, because I say so..! Sigh! I hope this doesn’t become the norm for parent children talks. The fruit from this tree will kill you.

Adam: Well that would suck. What happens after i die?

God: You ask too many questions. The other job i entrust you with is naming all the animals.

Adam: I can name the animals? Now that is something i can see myself excelling in. I already have a few names. Cinnamon, Dumpling, Gigi, Hunbun.

God: Stop. Please stop. These names are preposterous. Also alphabetical, but preposterous nonetheless. They will be called by these names for all eternity. Please ensure you do them justice.

Adam: Ok ok. I'll do better once I see what I am naming.

God: Thank you.

Adam: You're welcome. Just one request. Is there any way you can give me a companion. It would be awfully lonely.

God: You were created just a few minutes ago.

Adam: Foresightedness. ;)

God: Did you just wink? You seem to be evolving a lot faster than I had expected.

Adam: For Darwin's sake! Don't change the subject.

God: I was planning to give you a surprise. Oh never mind. Lemme break it down for ya.

Adam: Why are you breaking things? It’s alright to say no.

God: I mean, let Me explain what I had planned for you. I was going to make you a female companion. She will be with you always. You and your companion will go forth and multiply.

Adam: Maths already?

God: Oh you'll see what I mean. But first I'll want you to sleep for a while. I'll be needing one of your rib for making your companion.

Adam: You created everything around me with your powers, and yet you need a part of me to make me a companion. Can't you just copy paste? Or take a part that is less deeper in my body? Like a nail or eyelashes?

God: Nope. My mind is made up. Now go to sleep.

Adam: I don't wanna.... zzzzzz
And you know the rest.....

Not If I Can Help It

I have a confession to make. I tried. I really tried hard to like Andy, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Andy was my apprentice. He came to my workshop at age ninteen. Most kids of his age were arrogant, irresponsible, reckless or just plain stupid. Yet, there he was, askin me to teach him about the complex world of automobiles. I doubted he would last a month. The boy stuck around longer than I expected. Two whole years in fact. I became his mentor and taught him everything he knows. He was like a son to me. He had lost his pappy a few months before he came to me.

A year down the road, the missus informed  me my daughter Stephanie was dating Andy for about a month. That changed my equation with him just like that. Now, he was just another punk kid for whom my daughter was too good for. If you think I am throwing a hissy fit, ask any person how they would feel if they knew their best friend was dating their sister. My bitterness for him grew tenfolds with each passing day. Steph was just twenty. She had no idea what was good or bad for her. I was not going to let her make a terrible decision by going out with Andy. The nerve of him! He's there in the workshop every day, not once did he try to tell me he was going out with my daughter. I would have just fired him if he had told me, but he still should've told me bout it. Firing him would just make me a villain in my princes' eyes. Teens are known to hold grudges for the longest time. I had to put a wedge between em, but in a way that would not make me look so devious. The thought of paying him to stay away from my daughter crossed my mind. But I didn't have that kinda money lying around me. Would the bank have given me loan for this? Stop being so optimistic, I said to my myself. I waited for Andy to man up and confess. But that never happened.

Valentine's day was approaching fast. I would not have known had the missus not mentioned it. I asked her about going out for a family dinner. It had been a while since the three of us had eaten out. "Don't be silly. Steph has a date with Andy. Unless you wanna make it a double date, I don't see the three of us going out on Valentine’s Day". I was not ready for that information at all. It was like some wayward football had come and hit you in the guts. Over my dead body! I ain't letting that happen. Killing him was also an option, but that would be a lot worse for me. I'd seen more than my share of prison movies. That is not someplace I'd like to be even for a day.

Darn day came sooner than expected. Einstein's theory of relativity suddenly made sense for me. I headed to the workshop armed with my weapons of choice. I needed to reach early to put my plans in action. He would not turn up to the date tonight, my daughter would think he stood her up and never think about him ever. My daughter (or me) would find a better suitor for her. I have the workshop all to myself. I drill a small hole atop his locker and keep the runny grease container on top of it. It would take a while to seep into his locker. Everybody uses the container, so no one in particular would be suspected. He’s surely bringing a change of cloth. He'll put them inside the locker and the slow dripping grease would ruin it. Next I head to the bathroom, and empty the liquid soap to about a third. Knowing the other guys working here it would be finished by evening. I'll store the soap I got in the supply cabinet. The dye I mixed in the soap will stay on for at least 3 days. Now that the plan is set in motion, I just wait and watch.

The guys started coming in around 10. Andy had borrowed a car from one of his friends. "Looks like you got a big Valentine's date", I asked. "Yeah" he replied, "It's Valentine’s day after all". "So, you booked a table at some fancy restaurant? Picked flowers and chocolates? What do you kids do these days to celebrate?" He seemed reluctant to give any information. "Pretty much the same as you said. Flowers, chocolate and dinner." How could this guy be so calculating? Well he did learn from the best. Stop praising yourself. Find out the name of the restaurant. "The Melting Pot." He blurted. "It's a nice place with great food." Perfect, I thought to myself. As if on cue, Andy put his bag in the locker. I was pretty sure he had his tux in it. I had not felt so proud of myself even at graduation day. I patiently waited till closing time. He had not spoken a word since morning. He had worked on the beetle the whole day. The Engine had been Up-Graded to Twin Carburetors, and he was fine tuning it. He headed to the clean himself up. Just as he was about to enter, Carl came running out of the bathroom screaming. "Lucas, I know it's you! Your pranking days are over. Wait till I get my hands on you!" Carl's hands were black from the dye. I had not expected him to use this bathroom. The others usually used the bathroom at the rear. Only I, Lucas and Andy used this. Curses. Why did Carl have to use this one today? Andy used the rear bathroom to tidy himself up.

He went to his locker to pick up his stuff. "What the fuck!!!" I could hardly keep my emotions in check. I dashed to see what happened. Andy pulled out his bag, all covered in grease. He saw the grease dripping from the top shelf. He panicked. "NO, no, no, no". He opened his bag and poured out the contents. I guessed it was his tuxedo that was wrapped in paper. He unwrapped it quickly. To my dismay, the tux was in a plastic cover, which in turn was wrapped in paper. I wanted to scream. How was this possible? This was not right. It was not supposed to be this way. I should've cut his brake wires, deflated his tyres or emptied his gas tank. Wait. I could still call up the restaurant and cancel his reservation. As soon as Andy left, I called the restaurant and told them I needed to cancel. They said the reservation can't be cancelled just half an hour prior. I gave them a bullshit story about my aunt being seriously injured in an accident. They didn't budge. After hours and hours of meticulous planning, what did I have to show for my effort?

I felt like Wile E. Coyote from the road runner. Dejected I headed home. My wife had made a lovely supper and here I was, empty handed showing up for Valentine’s Day. She didn't mind. She could see from my face that something was wrong. She simply smiled and hugged me. "Whatever it is, that is bothering you can wait till after dinner." I felt a little better. Food makes me cheerful. As we finished dinner, I heard the bell ring. It must be them. I barged towards the door and opened it. Andy stood there with Stephanie and I had never seen my daughter smile that bright. "Andy. What are you doing here? Hold on, Steph was your date?” Andy smiled and said, "Yes. I wanted to tell you earlier. But thought I might just say it now. Your daughter is as special to me as you are." Steph smiled even brighter. That melted my heart. Anybody who brings that kinda joy to my daughter might not be as bad as I thought. I welcomed Andy into our house and into our lives. And seven years on. I stand here raising a toast to the most perfect son in law a guy could ever wish for. Andrew and Stephanie may you're lives be filled with joy and laughter. Here's wishing you'll a happy married life.

Once Upon A Halloween...

I used to scoff at the dumb things people do in horror movies. In fact, I had made a list of things never to do in a haunted house. And this is the last thing that should be running through my head at this very moment. Get a grip, Dana! We were trying to figure out how to get out of this place. The books falling off the shelf was more than enough for me to run out of the room. I thought Chuck was right behind me. I reached another dead end in this God forsaken house, before I realized that Chuck was not with me. This was a stupid, stupid decision!

I had met Chuck during the HorrorFeast on Halloween night, two years ago. I happen to be completely into horror movies. In my teens, when kids my age were busy catching up on sci-fi or rom-com, I used to make my mom take me to screenings of horror movies. Chuck had an amazing costume of the alien from Predator. He told me he worked in the movies. He was a prosthetic makeup artist, having worked on quite a few modern day classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Fly and Hellraiser. We hit it off instantly. It was fascinating to someone like me, who runs a video library, to know about the working of what goes on behind the scenes in movies. It's been two years since we've been dating. An odd couple, we celebrate Halloween with more aplomb, than we celebrate valentine's day.

I yell out his name. But I am greeted with absolute silence. We should've left the moment we found the phone lines down. We need to get out of here. Problem is, I have no idea where Chuck is. Suddenly I hear music coming from somewhere in the upper rooms. I'd be damn if I go upstairs to check. Instead slowly, I trudged towards the living room. As soon as I reach, I try the door once again, praying that somehow, miraculously, it might be unlocked this time. No luck. I am really panicking. Keep your calm!

Chuck's friends had picked a place to celebrate this Halloween in a small town about 40 miles from the city. Chuck and I were to leave for the party after his shoot. Part of being in his fraternity was the frequent late night shifts which I hated. But the perks were that I got to drop on set and try to catch some actors. The shoot that day wrapped up early. He came grinning, with what I guess was our costumes in a bag. He always picked a basic costume from the store and then worked his magic. This year, he said it was a surprise. There were changing rooms at the venue he assured. We headed out.

I need to arm myself. It would be crazy to move about without some kind of make shift weapon. Why did I leave my purse in the car? It at least had the ever reliable mace. I need to find the kitchen. There would at least be knives. I reach the kitchen and go through the drawers. How could someone not have a knife in the kitchen? "Mommy keeps the knives near the sink". I shriek before turning in the direction of the voice. It sounded like a kid. But there is no one there. Was I imagining things? Scared to move, I just stand there. "Here". A knife slowly slides in my direction. Chills run down my spine, I pick up the knife and dash out of the kitchen. I'm losing it! There is certainly no way this is real. I call out to Chuck, one more time. Still no response.

Just like a cliché out of a horror movie, our car had stalled in the middle of a deserted road. Chuck tried pushing it but gave up in a few minutes. We waited for some cars to wave them down. We could see lights in the distance. We were pretty sure that was the venue for the party. We decided to walk the way. Chuck pushed the car to the side of the road; we picked up our costumes from the trunk and headed in the direction of the house. Only when we were considerably close, did we realize, this couldn't be the house. Though the lights were on, there were no decorations or music. Hell we weren't even sure if there were people in the house. We thought, we might as well try and call up our friends at the venue and let them know we are stranded.

The lights start to flicker. In my horror movie expertise, this is not a good sign. I tighten my grip around the knife. I hear thuds behind a door, under the staircase. As if someone is trying to get out of there. It's Chuck! It must be Chuck. Maybe he ran in there and locked himself in by mistake. I run towards it and swing it open. I can't see a thing. It is pitch dark; I fumble around till I find a switch and flick it. There are severed body parts kept in jars. I trip and fall as I back out of the room scared as shit. I unknowingly drop the knife in the mayhem. I run towards the window and struggle to open it. "It's nailed shut from the outside. Mommy didn’t want the bad people to see us." Again the creepy little voice. I slowly turn. Again, there is no one in sight. "Run and hide. Mommy doesn't like outsiders." I hear angry footsteps heading towards me, but I don't see anyone or anything. I run up the flights of stairs as fast I can. I see an open room, and I take my chance to run inside. I slam the door shut behind me and lock it.

Chuck had warned me against going inside as he was wary of the ominous House. He said it reminded him of the Addams Family house. I laughed, called him chicken and proceeded towards the door. I rang the bell, and waited for a moment before ringing it once again. I tried turning the knob, it didn't resist. "Hello! Is anyone there?" I asked winking at Chuck. There was no answer. We walked in. The interior had a very vintage theme. Right from the furniture in the living room, to the huge family picture on the wall. The phone was just below the family picture. That's when I started feeling uneasy. I could swear someone was watching us. The phone was dead. We thought no point in hanging out here. We headed towards the door. I was sure we had left the door open. "It must have been the wind," Chuck conjectured. We both tried to open it for quite some time but it wouldn't yield. There had to be another way out of here.

The room is dark. I am nearly in tears. This is not how I wanted my life to end. Why the hell am I thinking about death? I am a survivor. I will get through this. "Hi Dana". Is it Chuck? He's sounding different. "Chuck! Chuck. Where are you?”. “I am right here Dana". Suddenly the lights come on. Chuck is standing in a tuxedo, smiling at me. I stare at him confused. "Dearest Dana, I was thinking about the best way to tell you this. There is no one I would rather spend the rest of my life with, than you." The curtain on the windows part, and written in fake blood, is "Will You Marry Me?" Chuck goes down on one knee and asks the same; pulling out a ring. I break down instantly. After I calm down, I say "Yes, of course! How long did it take you to plan this? What made you pick this way?"

"You are forever in my heart, and I know for sure that Fear is the heart of my love and I wanted to make this a memorable moment for us......"

The Shepherds

Can’t think of a worse choice I have made. Maybe my judgement was clouded by the sympathy I had for him. A violent misfit in the group, I should have realized that I cannot shape a mind that is already warped by a devastating childhood.  Abandoned by his mother Maria, who couldn’t handle a deaf baby and an abusive husband, Luther, who never thought twice, before raising his hands on the wailing infant. He was constantly yelling and blaming the child for his own failures. Finally, fate intervened, and one of his buddies suggested he leave the wretched child at a foster home to get rid of him.

The kids in his so called new home picked on him. Five years of speech therapy couldn’t get him to speak normally. He could read lips, but still wouldn’t actively participate in small talks. He was always ridiculed for his speech and was ashamed of it. This turned him into a loner. He did like one of the girls with him though, Jessie. She seemed pretty mean, but always kept her distance from him. This for him was a big consolation. At least she wouldn't make him feel bad about his speech like the others. One day she came up to him and told him, she kind of liked his voice. "It sounds angelic" was what he lip read. Never having heard his own voice, he was not sure how much of that was true. She suggested that he participate in the church choir. Seeing this as an opportunity to make a friend, he agreed. Teenagers and their raging hormones!

On Sunday, he went to church with Jessie and the rest of the kids. During the sermon, he simply got up and walked towards the choir who were passing the hymn sheets among them. They didn’t realize what he was doing there, but thought they'd play along and handed him a sheet as well and pointed the hymn they were about to sing. The conductor smiled, thinking that the kid would just be a little off key at most. This was not a long hymn anyways. The conductor motioned his baton for them to start. He had no idea what a tenor or soprano was, but that wasn't going to stop him. He sang with all the confidence in the world.

He was never surer of himself than at that very moment. He raised his head to look at the crowd. They were all pointing and laughing at him. Even Jessie. He was awful. Never ever had he been so embarrassed in his life. He tried to read their lips, but he couldn’t seem to concentrate on one particular person. He saw a mirage of his father in the middle of the crowd. Something in him snapped. He shut his eyes and screamed his lungs out for everyone to stop. That's when his dormant abilities came out. His booming voice shattered the glass murals and left everyone there dazed for a while like a concussive blast. They couldn’t hear anything for the next few minutes. This created mass panic and everyone wanted to get out of there. I was a witness to this chaos. But instead of the freak that everyone saw, I saw a potential.
He looked scared and dashed outside through one of the broken windows. It took me a while to compose myself and give him chase. I caught him in a nearby alley which he ran into. He was terrified. I tried calming him down, and told him not to worry. We walked out of the alley towards a diner where i got him a burger. I introduced myself as Brushback aka BB. I told him what he had was a gift, which not many people receive. I told him about my group of gifted vigilantes who were called the shepherds. I revealed to him, my intentions of training him to use that blaring voice of his, for the good of mankind. It didn’t take much persuasion on my part as he had already decided never to go back to his foster home. Especially since he felt betrayed and hurt by Jessie.

     I took him to our sanctum - The Pen. I introduced him to the rest of the gang. Each individual was unique in his own way. Sven, code name - Robust was our muscle; Jamie, code name – fuse was the master of pyrotechnics; Nash, code name - Trojan had the ability to shape shift; Abe, code name – Buckshot, never missed a target. This comprised the primary team under me. Our training techniques were unconventional but necessary if you were to dedicate your life for the greater good.

     It took us some time to realise how he had managed to do that kind of damage. We found out, it was only when he hit a certain pitch, was he able to do replicate the destruction he had caused. It was frustrating to get to that pitch, especially if one can’t hear himself. More often than not, he would walk out in the midst of the training annoyed at his trainers. Jamie warned me about him being a short fuse. I got the irony of the situation. But now that i look back, maybe Fuse wasn’t kidding. I trained him to exert just the right amount of strain to the larynx to produce the required pitch. He practised harder and harder each day as soon as he got it right. Focusing to project his voice in one direction rather than everywhere else, was the next challenge, which he mastered pretty quickly.

It was time to pick up a code name for him. Vibration, Sonic and Boom were thrown around as suggestions, but he choose to call himself 'Pitch'.


And Thus It Began

The first panel shows eyes glaring out of a laboratory goggles. The caption is "This could well be the biggest scientific invention for humankind."

The second panel reads, "The unifier will unite millenia of friendship; blend them together, filter out the flaws so as to get the maximum efficiency, to deliver 'That one friend'. " It shows a complex laboratory setup called the unifier, with two sets of friends, (Fred + Barney, Spongebob + Patrick, Shaggy + Scooby, Kyle + Stan, Milhouse + Bart, Mike + Sully) walking into two seperate chambers. A boy with spiky hair over sees this.

The third panel has the same boy, with out stretched arms in the same laboratory, shouting, "Eureka... It's working. Our hero has once again accomplished yet another marvellous piece of magnificance."

The last panel shows Calvin in his room, with a cardboard giftbox, which has unifier written on it in two places. The cardboard box is open and a tiger is coming out of it with a smile on his face. Calvin's parents are peeping through the door. The caption reads, "Hobbes ! That's what I'll call you, my friend !"


Hope you enjoyed the story.

Feedback welcomed.

U R My Hero

This story, titled "U R My Hero" is in the comic strip format. It's basically a monologue of a professional wrestler who portrays a heel.

The first panel shows a wrestler with spiky hairdo, being booed by the spectators. The text reads, "They hate me. They really HATE me. I may just be the most hated person in the world. Well, at least a close second after that no good king from that epic TV show."

In the second panel, the text continues with "What have I done to deserve this? I am the biggest heel in professional wrestling. I have almost every time , beaten my opponent with very underhanded, dirty trick that the creative team could think of." It shows a young kid running scared away from the ice-cream stand after seeing  the wrestler. The wrestler looks hapless with an ice cream in his hand. The ice cream vendor looks disdained.

Third panel shows three young ruffians bullying a kid. The kid is weeping, whereas the ruffians are mocking him. The monologues of the wrestler reads, "Yes, it is all scripted. Recently they had made me beat a crowd favorite wrestler by "unethical means".
But... "

In the fourth panel, the wrestler is seen shouting in the direction of the ruffians. They seem to flee from the scene. The kid is trying to get up. He has a black eye because of the scuffle. The text here reads, " It's a constant struggle to make people understand that my in-ring persona is the complete opposite of who I am. They fear me."

The last panel shows the wrestler again being booed by the spectators. But, the kid with a black eye, whom the wrestler saved previously, is in the audience, holding a placard. It has a picture of the wrestler, and it reads, "U R My Hero". The monologue ends with "And it saddens me to see loathe in their eyes. But once in a while, there are moments like these where one fan, one sign is all it takes to make me feel alive."

Hope you enjoyed the story.

Feedback welcomed.

Here I Am. This Is Me.


This is my interpretation of the topic, "Introduction". The image represents my journey through life. A life long love of comics shaped me into who I am today. Though I have had many other distractions, comics still holds my rapt attention. Along the way I have picked up other interests like music, video games, movies, so on and so forth (being a graphic artist, this was the best way I could represent it). I have also developed a liking to Transformers. I started collecting the action figures not so long ago, and now possess an enviable ensemble. What comes next is as good as anybody's guess. So, let's take this journey together. Cheers..!

Hi There Folks

Here's me, throwing my hat in the ring. This is my first attempt at LJ. Wish Me Luck. Cheers!
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